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Arcane Survival is a Semi-Vanilla Minecraft server. We value a 100% legitimate server and a strong community! No items have ever been spawned in. We've never switched into creative mode or installed WorldEdit. Everything you see has been placed or mined how it should be - by hand! We have many talented builders on Arcane, just take a look around our spawn area! No matter what type of player you are, Arcane will be the right fit to you.


These are the active communities on Arcane. Check the Communities Portal for more information.


We have an extensive transportation system to get you around. Check the Transportation Portal for more information.

Arcane Help Desk

Exquisite-khelpcenter.png Server Rules


Arcane has several public farms, mob grinders and mines available to use. Check the Resources Portal for more information. Listed below are the most important ones.

Featured picture 

Winning entry in Week 10 of Screenshot of the Week. It is the tallest Ice spire on the server. Image by matthewaitken. Location: Hoth Ice Fields Open Location

More Featured Images.