Reference Toolbox


The very fundamental software. Without it, you won't be able to play on our server…

Server IP:

Dynamic Map

In-game info command: /map

Dynmap is a Google Maps-like tool that helps you browse the whole Minecraft overworld.

Head to dynmap to see the map of the whole server!


In-game info command: /discord

Come over here to talk with people playing on the server. It's okay, you can listen to people or watch people chat if you don't feel like talking or messaging!

Click here to get an invitation. If you're on mobile, the invitation code is 64WQHhM.

You don't necessarily need an account to be on our server..


We communicate through our own forums. If you play on Arcane and haven't made an account, join us!

Join us at the forums!


/r/Arcanesurvival on Reddit was our main page for communications among the community. Now, we use the forums to talk about almost everything.

If you wish to visit our good ol' home, go to /r/Arcanesurvival.