Everyone is expected to follow these rules. If any rule is unclear, please ask a mod or an admin.

Note: The /report and /pvp plugins are not on the server yet, so please take an alternative measure.

Rule 1: Respect

We don’t allow any negative or derogatory behavior towards anyone. Causing any kind of harm or abuse to another person is not allowed. If you feel uncomfortable or the person continuously harrasses you, please report to staff by using /report in-game, using @Staff on Discord, or direct-messaging a staff member on Discord. This rule also applies to the Arcane’s Discord server.

Rule 1.1: Language

Racist, harsh, or otherwise rude language is not tolerated. Swearing is allowed in moderation, but excessive use is not acceptable. Do not pick verbal fights to cause anyone to become uncomfortable.

Rule 1.2: Chat

Do not fill the chat with the same message over and over. Linking to any disturbing websites is not allowed -- please keep the server chat PG-13.

Rule 2. Cheating

Client modifications or external tools that give an unfair advantage (e.g. x-ray texture pack, fly hacks) are not allowed. Any kind of game exploit that places you at an unfair advantage over other vanilla players is strictly against the rules.

The "TNT duping" bug is allowed to be exploited given that all the other rules are followed.

Rule 2.1: Allowed Forge Mods

Below are client modifications that are explicitly allowed in this server:

This is not a definitive list, other mods may be approved at the discretion of the moderators. Ask a staff member if you aren’t sure.

3. Stealing, Griefing, and PvP

You may not steal from other players or grief their builds.

You may not kill anyone without their permission. When you kill someone in a PvP fight, you must give back the dropped items. In other words, you may not loot the items from another player without permission.

4. Building

You can mark your territory clearly using a sign.

You may not build on land clearly claimed by another player. Even if no marked sign is present, you may not build too close to another player without their permission. A suggested distance is approximately 150 blocks from the claimed border. Ask staff if you are unsure.

Rule 4.1: Reasonable Claims

Please keep claim size reasonable. If you find any claim that you believe is unreasonable, talk to staff.

  • Work it out among themselves first.
  • If not available, moderator will talk to staff

Rule 4.2: Clear Claims

Please leave your in-game name in a clear, visible location in your build.

Rule 4.3: Abandoned Claims

If a player is inactive for more than six (6) weeks and another player is interested in using their builds / land, staff will contact the original player. The original player has one week to respond before their builds or claims in question are forfeited. All items in the abandoned chests will be moved to the server’s communal storage for community builds.

Exceptions to this rule will be made at staff discretion based on player history.

5. Community

Remember, Arcane is a community for everyone to enjoy, feel safe, and have fun. If there’s anything you feel uncomfortable about, please find an active staff member online or on Discord and message them about your concerns!

Players who do not follow these rules will receive temporary or permanent mutes or bans.